Sample Recipes

Slider Duo Pack

Beef Slider with Cheese & French Fries

We design our snacks to be AHEAD OF THE CROWD, absorbing the taste trends in the global market, creating imaginative products and packaging designed to fit the occasion

About our Sliders

We all love a timeless classic which is why no Monty’s menu is complete unless it includes our twist on the great American slider. Whether you opt for a duo of brioche bun filled sliders or a chips and slider combo, rest assured that the ovenable packaging has been specifically designed to keep our rolls soft and fresh and our fries light yet crispy.

Benefits: Sliders

  • Soft, brioche bun keeps the bread moist and delicious after baking
  • Opportunity to select your own cheese or relish to make bespoke products
  • A key on trend snack, popular across the world

Technical Info on Sliders

Technical Information
Shelf Life Stored and distributed frozen, 12 months from date of manufacturer
Weight 105g
Units per Case 60
Cases per Euro Pallet 36
Contains Nuts
Fully biodegradable packaging from Monty's Bakehouse. Safer for the environment Heat-in-Pack Monty's Bakehouse. Travel with taste!

Allergen Advice for our Sliders

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